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What Tools Do I Need as a New Homeowner?

Thu, Jun 7th 2012 11:24 am by Samantha Havens Around Town

Buying a new home or thinking about it?  Just moved in and ready to get things in order?  Well, aside from all the beautiful accessories, furniture and artwork you are anxiously fussing with to get in just the right place, there are some basics you will need to have on hand to make your job a little easier.  Grab a pen and get ready to head to Lowes!  Tools, tools, and more tools are in your near future!

This is a great checklist of items - courtesy of Sold Ground - a local, reputable Home Inspection business I have used many times and would be happy to recommend to new clients.  Some items may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised what gets lost in the shuffle of a move, disappearing int...

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Historic Charleston, SC

Mon, Jun 4th 2012 5:14 pm by Samantha Havens Around Town

I was especially proud to call Charleston my home as I took some friends around town this past weekend.  Yes, Charleston is beautiful in so many ways, but simply taking time to appreciate all the history and architecture that helps make it so beautiful is part of what these out-of-towners loved the most. 

Just imagining a home that tips the scales at 10,000 square feet that some unknown family over 200 years ago was not only lucky, but wealthy enough to call their private residence is sure to boggle most minds.  But actually SEEING this home's original structure and original details brings it to a whole new level. 

Here are some pictures that help bring that imagery to life.  historicThree incr...

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PGA 2012 at Kiawah is Only 70 Days Away!

Tue, May 29th 2012 3:54 pm by Samantha Havens Around Town

 In honor of the upcoming championship from August 6-11, here are some "fun facts" that I came across from Charleston Golf News that might interest some of you....


The 1st stat is a shocker, ok not really.  I think most of us would bet that golf is predominately male in popularity.  Regardless of gender, why anyone would want to take 5 hours to play a round of golf is beyond me, but then again, I am a tennis player so that might be where my confusion begins.  At any rate, thousands will flock to Kiawah Island in a few short weeks to witness the PGA Championship being played on its breathtaking Ocean Course.  This highly anticipated event is the biggest sporting event Charleston has ev...

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Another Great Restaurant Coming to Charleston

Wed, May 23rd 2012 7:49 am by Samantha Havens Around Town

If you've been to the Lowcountry, you know it boasts some of the finest dining around..... Well, looks like Charleston is getting ready to introduce the newest seafood member to its restaurant repertoire.... Sometime this Fall, we will welcome "The Ordinary".  Introduced by the same successful team that started "Fig" on Meeting Street (not far from Charleston Place Hotel), The Ordinary promises to provide diners with a laid back oyster- themed option in the hippest area of Upper King where you can't help but stroll upon other great spots for sushi, italian, classic southern and fab steakhouses.  Visitors and locals alike are correct when they say it's tough to find a bad meal in Charlesto...

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James Island Victory - Again!

Tue, May 22nd 2012 9:29 am by Samantha Havens Around Town

Anyone who lives on James Island - a quaint little community conveniently located near Downtown Charleston and Folly Beach, knows all too well the struggle this area has been fighting for several years - winning, then losing again to the backlash of the City of Charleston who inevitably swoops in to "reclaim" the territory.  Sounds like something you might have read in your history books years ago, doesn't it? Well as of yesterday they are winners again!  James Island is no longer (as of the end of July 2012) under the governing control of the City of Charleston but rather will come to be known as the Town of James Island.   Many in favor of this change have argued that being separated fr...

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Flood Zone Tip When Searching for a Home

Mon, May 21st 2012 1:43 pm by Samantha Havens Worried About Charleston Flood Zones

Many buyers I work with are curious about which flood zone a particular home is in.  And more than that, once they do find out, they don't necessarily understand what the flood zone code may mean relative to policy coverage and cost.  Here is a great resource to use when browsing properties to help you determine if in fact the home is in a flood zone, which flood zone it is and what that means to an insurance company in terms of high vs. low risk.

Visit which will ask you to register if you have never been to their site before.  Simply enter a valid email address and password and you will be set up immediately.  From there, just enter the home's address, city, state and zip...

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April 2012 Charleston County Sales and Inventory

Thu, May 17th 2012 5:00 pm by Samantha Havens April 2012 Charleston County Sales and Inventory

Inventory is shrinking!  Year-to-date sales are up almost 5% ..... Great market news here folks....


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A Glimpse Into Seabrook Island, SC

Wed, May 16th 2012 4:06 pm by Samantha Havens Living at the Beach

Seabrook Island BeachWho wouldn't want to live at the beach? The sunsets that seem as if they are melting into the water, the calming waves of the ocean, delicate beach grass that sways back and forth in the breeze.... wow, all you need to add is an umbrella drink and it's like a forever vacataion!  Well, that is exactly what I experienced day in and day out when I relocated to Seabrook Island, SC.  There truly wasn't a day that I didn't feel as though I was on vacation "away from it all".  No matter what day to day stressor that we all face was thrown my way, knowing that I was coming home to the natural beauty of Seabrook Island washed every care away and helped me to be a bit more appreciative of the simpl...

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Welcome to Havens Charleston Real Estate! What Will You Find Here?

Tue, May 15th 2012 5:17 pm by Samantha Havens Navigate Your Way Around

Welcome to the wonderful world of Havens Charleston Real Estate.... that is, Charleston, SC Real Estate to be even more specific!  

We have worked hard to make this site very user-friendly so that your search for properties and research of the general area is a snap.  You will notice on the Menu Bar that you are able to search properties in just about every configuration possible - By Area, MLS#, Map, Subdivision, Address, Type (Home, Condo, Vacant Land), etc - so depending on how little or how much information you may have, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for!  How easy is THAT?  Or perhaps you don't yet know what you may be looking for.  You can do a more general ...

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Coming Soon!

Thu, May 3rd 2012 11:56 am by Sam Havens

Look for posts coming soon!

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