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Some Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling

Posted By Samantha Havens @ Apr 8th 2013 6:04pm In: Around Town

If you have you had your home on the market for some time without much success, this article from US News & World Report might just help to provide some insight. Click link below.

house for sale

Many sellers - regardless of their good intentions - are emotionally attached and protective of their homes... as they should be! They/You have probably nurtured the home with improvements and personal touches that, over the years, have made it an extremely special place for family and friends.

As you face the legal task of transferring ownership of this home to an unknown buyer, you must somehow adjust your thinking and disassociate yourself from those emotional ties to successfully execute a business transaction between two parties - Buyer and Seller.  Welcome Mr or Mrs Real Estate Agent..... This is just one of the reasons a professional Real Estate Associate is essential to the process.  After communicating your goals to your agent, allow that person to strategically guide you thru the motions of the sale.  If any of the trouble spots in the above article ring a bell, be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your Real Estate expert to rectify the problem.

Need help getting started?  Give me a call today for a complimentary, no-hassle home evaluation.

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